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Lychee Dragon Pearls


Unleash your wild side with a tropical black tea that will become your new favorite! Each pearl contains up to 10 tea leaves that are wrapped together, and unfurl as the tea steeps. Fresh lychee flavor embodies this blend as the cocoa undertones from the black tea base create a well-rounded taste


  • Ingredients

    Black tea, natural flavoring


  • Benefits

    Loose leaf black tea offers antioxidants with an added energy boost. This means black tea health benefits range from catechin & detoxifying properties, to the metabolic and weight loss support provided by caffeine.  Benefits also include improved cardiovascular health, support to the immune system, and regulation of blood sugar levels & appetite

  • Instructions

    2 TSP per 8 oz. water (double amount for iced)
    Suggested brew time/temp: 205° for 3 min.

  • Caffeine

    23-110 MG

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