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Mini Tuo Cha

Mini Tuo Cha

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Pu-erh tea is a black tea that has been aged and pressed into cakes. These tea cakes are meant to be broken up so each one can be steeped multiple times. These teas are known to be a dieuretic and have a very earthy undertone. About 10 cakes come in a 2 oz. package.

  • Ingredients

    Pu-erh tea

  • Benefits

    Pu-erh tea health benefits range from catechin & diuretic properties, to the metabolic and weight loss support provided by caffeine.  Benefits also include improved cardiovascular health and support to the immune system.

  • Instructions

    1/2 piece per 8 oz. water (double amount for iced)
    Suggested brew time/temp: 205° for 3 min.


  • Caffeine

    23-110 MG

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