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   Started With A Passion For Quality

Regalitea started as a product of a long endeavor. Tea has always been a passion of mine ever since I was young. My mother would take me to the neighborhood tea shop, and I can remember how whimsical & intriguing it was to experience something so widely practiced by many cultures. Every aspect of tea; the smell, color, taste was just so interesting to me, so I made it a goal to one day work at such a place.

I grew a little older, still with the interest of tea in heart, and started working for the very tea shop that sparked my fire. Every chance I had, I immersed myself with tea knowledge. Whether it be the process or region it was grown, every part was fascinating to me. As my knowledge grew, so did my opportunities. I decided to follow my own path and open up my own tea shop.

My first go had a few mistakes, but allowed me to create a library of flavors & ideas. One Winter, I was selling tea at a local market and was approached by a couple opening up their very own tea shop. They wanted to bring me on board as their mixologist. I jumped at the opportunity to have the creative freedom and expand my knowledge even further.

Here we are in 2020 with so many new ideas & plans for amazing tea blends and merchandise. My passion is driven by the smiles I see when someone takes a sip of my tea. I hand blend each batch with love, and my goal is to bring joy into every household

Cheers, Dylan

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