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  • Does all tea brew at the same time & temperature?
    Great question! Each type of tea has it's own recommended steep time and temperature. Follow this guide below: White tea: 180° for 2 min. Green tea: 180° for 2 min. Oolong tea: 195° for 3 min. Black tea: 205° for 3 min. Herbal tea: 205° for 5 min.
  • How do I make an iced tea?
    We have some amazing flavors that are perfect served chilled. Try our Passion Berry Punch or Mango Mandarin! Follow this guide for the perfect iced tea: 1) Steep your tea as instructed, however used half the amount of water. This creates a stronger concentrate to balance out the ice. 2) Fill your favorite mug to the brim with ice cubes. 3) Strain the tea leaves over the ice and stir to make sure the entire mixture is chilled. 4) Drink & enjoy!
  • Does all tea have caffeine?
    All tea contains some amount of caffeine, however that is dictated by the process the tea leaf endures. Follow this caffeine chart here: White tea: 6-25 MG Green tea: 8-36 MG Oolong tea: 12-55 MG Black tea: 23-110 MG Matcha: 80+ MG Herbal tea: 0 MG Reference: Black coffee: 160 MG
  • How do I make my tea stronger?
    To make your favorite cup of tea stronger, simply add an extra teaspoon of tea and brew accordingly. Make sure not to exntend brewing time as that can lead to bitter taste.
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