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Ceremonial Green Matcha

Ceremonial Green Matcha


The highest grade of matcha tea that you can find is right at your fingertips. Our Imperial matcha contains the highest amount of antioxidants that benefit your metabolism & overall health. Matcha has also been known to be great for detoxifying your body & retaining energy without the jitters. Perfect for recovering from the gym, or simply to wake yourself up in the morning.


  • Ingredients

    Stone ground green tea

  • Benefits

    The advantages of green tea include a variety of relaxing, healing, and immunity boosting properties. Green tea is a great source of vitamin C and catechins, which help prevent viral fection, relieve cold symptoms, and even promote metabolism.


  • Instructions

    • 1 TSP per 8 oz. water 
    • Whisk at 180° for 30-45 seconds
  • Caffeine

    80+ MG