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Bai Mu Dan

Bai Mu Dan


A sheer decadence, white tea comes from the same plant as green, oolong, and black teas – Camellia sinensis. White tea, however, is least processed of all the teas. Named for the silver fuzz on the bud when the leaves are picked, white tea is often described as light, fresh, and sweet. No matter what your tastes, this pale yellow cup is simply divine, a rare treat for special occasions.

  • Ingredients:

    white peony tea

  • Benefits:

    The least processed of all tea types, White tea is famous for its high antioxidant levels. The purifying benefits of white tea promote cardiovascular health and a glowing complexion.

  • Instructions:

    • 2 tsp. per 8 oz. water
    • Steep at 180° for 2 min.
  • Caffeine:

    8-36 MG